Scoop Lake Outfitters 2015 Convention Schedule & Newsletter

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Hope to see you at one of the trade shows we will be attending:
Wild Sheep Foundation in Reno, NV Jan 7-10 booth # 541
Dallas Safari Club in Dallas, TX January 15-18 booth # 4436
SCI in Las Vegas, NV February 4-7 booth # 3165, 3167
We always have extra chairs at the booth, stop by for a visit.


Unlike many outfitters, our camp at Scoop Lake is our home for six months of the year. We arrive early in May before the ice is off the lake with great plans and expectations for the new season. Plans to build or repair fences, round up and train new horses, and casually slap about 28 gallons of paint on to the cabins. May and June usually feel like we’re winning; Richard and Thyra along with Mark, Malte, Charlie and Travis spent most of June renovating Moody Lake. Charlie also gave Pop Lake a bit of a face lift. We painted what felt like every inch of camp and, much to Wendy’s excitement finally finished the bathroom in Cabin 6.

As July began we found ourselves in full swing. We spent the first couple weeks chasing horses, then breaking horses, then shoeing horses. By the second week most of the crew had arrived. We also had a few wonderful guests including our friends Kari and Joe from the US along with Pavel and Ilona from the Czech Republic, they spent a couple days at Denetiah with John and Trina, fishing and catching up on some R‘n’R.

Over the winter we bought a new Kabota tractor. In order to get it into camp we had to enlist the help of a few of our friends in Fort Nelson to bring it in with their river boats. We don’t believe in bringing in half empty boats, so they also brought in steel pipe, 10′ treated posts and enough wire to build ourselves a high fence to keep the elk off our horse pasture. They also brought in the new kitchen cabinets that Jost built over the winter. The original plan was to bring everything in before July but, unfortunately, that didn’t work out so we ended up with a boat crew running up and down the river at about the same time as trail out… when it rains it pours.

August 1st rolled around with the usual anticipation. With the first group of hunters out in the mountains, the boat crew finishing up, and an astonishing 21 people still at base camp, we decided it was a good time to renovate the kitchen. Charlie simultaneously went to work on a 28×40 foot “shed” to house the tractors, quads and the new river boat. This new boat can run in a puddle if necessary and it means we can get into some of our area that we haven’t been able to get to for years. On August 2nd Chris Colvile shot the first ram of the season. Carl, Jake and David didn’t waste time finishing up as well. Unfortunately Al went home without one. He did, however, see a band of 18 rams, five of which were legal and one the biggest his guide Billy Franks had seen in his 40 years of guiding sheep. Lenny, who was the second guide on Al’s hunt, got some unbelievable footage of a goat during this hunt, you need to view it on our web site at

Our second group of sheep hunters had equal success with 73 year old Bob Grace taking a nice old broomed ram on the second day of his hunt. His b u d d y R oss ha d success on a nice r am, a moose and an 111⁄4″ goat that looked like a chamois. Before we knew it, Elk season was upon us. This year we had a whole family from Australia: grandparents, parents and kids. Rivers, at 14, got a nice elk and moose while his sister Jorja, 11, made cupcakes and desserts back at base camp. Our only unsuccessful elk hunter was Jamie with his bow. Undaunted he’s returning in 2015 to take another crack at it.

As September amped up, with all species now open, our exceptional crew of guides and wranglers started filling tags right and left. We had some early snow, some crazy winds that made flying not only challenging but at times not even an option. For the first time in many years, Darwin found himself grounded overnight at our neighbouring outfitters’ camp due to winds and bad weather. As usual, our crew powered through the weather to come home with some excellent animals. Charlie, ‘Carhart’, and Trice were forced to spend the night on the mountain under a tree after shooting Trice’s goat due to a sudden snow storm. Charlie’s toes got frostbite but, luckily, they were the only casualty. Sam (kiwi), Lenny and Val spent a week backpacking in October in the snow and below freezing temperatures looking for the big old ram Billy had seen on the first hunt. He clearly didn’t get as big as he is by standing around because they didn’t see hide nor hair of him. Sam (Black), Garth, Kansas, Troy and Nick, shot not one, not two, but three moose all within 24 hours and all within 400 yards of one another. It made for a huge effort to get them all off the mountain and back to camp that same day, but they pulled it off and the horses were pretty happy to have the next day off.

Our last group of hunters were old friends and were the perfect end to a great season. Everyone’s hunt was delayed right off the bat due to wind. It took two days for it to calm down enough to get everyone out. No one was complaining, however, when the following day three came home with moose and Roxy shot her goat. The best success story of the season happened on this hunt with Max. Max was scheduled for heart surgery later in the month and was a bit worried about his chances of getting a moose. We had told him we could take him to one of our lakes where he could hunt from the boat. His guide, Mike, decided instead to completely outdo himself and called in a moose on the first day which Max skilfully shot from the front porch — apparently the door frame makes a good rest.

We wound up the season with a slightly early Thanksgiving. With most of the crew and our last group of hunters in camp, we managed to close up the season in style with purple construction paper turkey hats, Felix playing the German horn to signal the end of the hunt, lots of stories and toasts, and pumpkin pie.

Once again our season wouldn’t have been a success without the hard work of our dedicated crew.
Thanks and see you at Scoop Lake,
Darwin, Wendy, Tiffany and Trina


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