Adventure Recreation

Fishing, trail riding, mountain biking, mountain climbing, wildlife photo safaris, bird watching, river rafting, canoeing, glacier viewing and climbing and butterfly watching!!!! Scoop Lake Outfitters is 2.5 million acres of the most beautiful and diverse land in North America at your fingertips. Access to any of our five main camps or sixteen satellite camps can be made by way of company airplane, or one of our available 96 horses.

Arctic Grayling:
Arctic Grayling are one of the plentiful fish found in the drainage basin at Scoop Lake Outfitters. Whether it’s in the rivers, streams, or lakes, Arctic Grayling are commonly caught where the streams flow into the lakes, as well as along the lake shorelines. In the streams and rivers, Arctic Grayling are virtually everywhere, often sharing the same waters with Dolly Varden char and Bull Trout. Arctic Grayling can be caught on light spinning gear, or by fly-fishing. The Arctic Grayling here average 12-16 inches, and are so plentiful that, once located, they can be caught all day long. Many fishermen land between 30-50 grayling a day.

Rainbow Trout:
British Columbia is world-famous for its rainbow trout. Scoop Lake Outfitters offers many lakes and streams that are filled with 12-24 inch rainbows that can be caught with light spinning gear, or by fly fishing. Rainbows in lakes can be caught by fishing from shore, wading the shorelines or from boats. Boats are used at the outpost camps.
Trolling and casting from boats to the shorelines is the most productive way of locating the rainbows in these lakes. River and stream fishermen can wade and fish the many pools and rapids that hold rainbows throughout the season.

Lake Trout:
There are many lakes within a short flying distance of Scoop Lake that are full of native lake trout. The lakes are so clear and the trout so plentiful, that it’s common to drift by a shoreline and watch the lake trout as they cruise looking for a free meal. Most of the lake trout average 3-7 lbs. It’s common for anglers to land 30 to 50 lakers each in a day’s fishing. Anglers regularly land lake trout between 10-20 lbs. but, because these lakes contain so many fish, the smaller ones are hard to keep off the hook! Anglers can troll the shorelines, cast from shore or from a boat, or they can “sight-cast” flies to cruising lake trout, or fly-cast to the breaks where lake trout cruise all day long looking for food.

Northern Pike:
The main lodge is situated on Scoop lake which is full of trophy Northern Pike and Whitefish. Here guests can take fully equipped boats and explore the entire lake in one day. The fishing is so good that it’s common to walk the shorelines or wade and catch lots of fish. In the spring and early summer, Northern Pike in Scoop Lake will be concentrated in the southern bay and the most northerly shoreline. The water is so clear at Scoop that it’s common to “sight-cast” to Pike early in the season when they venture onto the shallow sandbars in search of Whitefish.

Second Lake
Located about a mile from Scoop Lake, guests can walk the trail, use horses, or take a short plane flight to reach some of the biggest notherns in this part of British Columbia. The best fishing area on Second Lake is at the north-eastern end of the lake at the mouth of a small tributary stream. It’s here that a sandy shoreline meets the main lake bottom to produce a 6-20 foot drop-off that attracts big Northern Pike all season long. Pike here average 10-20 lbs. Guests commonly catch northern’s that average 15-25 lbs.

Scoop Lake Outfitters offers superb fishing with 6 species to choose from including: Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Bull Trout, Whitefish, and Northern Pike. Dozens of lakes within 30 minutes flight time with different fishing oppurtunities. Visit the photo page to see pictures of several different species.