• Scoop Lake Outfitters 2016 Newsletter & Convention Schedule

    2016 was a very productive year. We arrived into camp early after a very easy winter. The horses and wildlife were all looking good. We had a busy time around camp. Taking advantage of Sam’s fence building experience we replaced much of the old fence and installed a new 8’ high game fence around a portion of the pasture to keep the elk out and with hopes of growing some grass for our horses. We ...

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  • Scoop Lake Outfitters 2015 Newsletter & Convention Schedule

    The 2015 season started off a month earlier than usual. The beginning of April found several of us in camp rebuilding corrals and fences. The original corrals were built thirty years ago and have been slowly sinking back into the earth for the last ten. Last season when we brought in a wild horse after six days of chasing and it took one look at the corral before jumping over it and taking off we ...

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  • New videos from 2014 added!

    Scoop Lake Outfitters 2014 Moose Calling Sniffing Goat

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  • Scoop Lake Outfitters 2015 Convention Schedule & Newsletter

    Hope to see you at one of the trade shows we will be attending: Wild Sheep Foundation in Reno, NV Jan 7-10 booth # 541 Dallas Safari Club in Dallas, TX January 15-18 booth # 4436 SCI in Las Vegas, NV February 4-7 booth # 3165, 3167 We always have extra chairs at the booth, stop by for a visit. 2014 NEWSLETTER Unlike many outfitters, our camp at Scoop Lake is our home for six months of the year. We arrive ...

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  • Scoop Lake 2013 Newsletter & Convention Schedule

    2013 started out on a high with our long time friend/guide/ mentor John Devries winning the GCF Dalziel award from Wild Sheep Foundation (formerly FNAWS). John has been, and continues to be, a huge part of our success. This award could not have gone to a more deserving individual. John started guiding back in the early 70s for my step-father Earl Boose. He has a passion for hunting and guiding that is ...

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