Terms & Conditions

Scoop Lake Outfitters (1997) Ltd
5615 Deadpine Drive
Kelowna, B.C. V1P 1A3

The hunt deposit is non-refundable after January 1st of the hunting year; deposit may be transferred to
the following hunt year if a replacement hunter is found. Travel and hunt insurance is available at http://www.lutzfinacial.ca/index.pho/travelinsurance/goabc to protect your investment in hunt deposits, booking fees, licenses and airfares. You should consider additional private medical insurance in the event of injury. You will be required to sign a hunt waiver form.Final payment of your hunt is due and payable in May of the hunt year. Additional trophy fees, royalties and taxes are payable in cash, travelers checks or certified bank funds prior to the start of your hunt.
Trophy fees / Harvest fees are applicable on wounded game.

One on One guide service unless otherwise stated, additional personnel, food, camping equipment, supplies and facilities required for the hunt. Air transportation within the hunting area and trophy preparation. We will arrange proper government documentation for exportation, crating and shipping of your trophy to your home or taxidermist.

Client’s personal clothing, equipment, sleeping bag, rifle, ammunition. The cost of the air flight in and out of Scoop Lake Base Camp, Car rental, General Sales Tax (GST), hotel costs, liquor, gratuities 10-15%, import / export permits, crating, and shipping of your trophy, which can be arranged in Scoop Lake prior to your departure home. Required hunting license, tags and royalties for the hunt. We will send you the necessary documentation for your hunting license and species tags in April, which you will return to us and we will purchase these on your behalf and have them waiting for you upon your arrival into Scoop Lake.

Hunting clients should familiarize themselves with the BC hunting regulations on the internet prior to hunting in British Columbia. We hunt region 7B Management Unit 7-51, 7-52. It is prudent to familiarize yourself with the regulation for each species you intent to hunt. Some examples would be – must be guided in BC if you’re a non resident. You must be with your guide when harvesting your animal. After Sept 1st moose must be tri palm or ten points on one antler, no baiting or hunting of bears over a carcass. Sheep must be full curl or 8 years of age, we try to only harvest sheep over 8, see definition of full curl. Caribou have a five point restriction and require a tooth for inspection. Goats, preference is given to harvesting of Billy Goats. Bag limit is one for each species unless otherwise stated. Many species require compulsory inspection and export permits before exporting out of province. CITES permits are required for certain animals. Some species are not allowed into some European countries. We will assist with necessary export and cites permits for you to enable you to take animals’ home with you or for shipping. All trophies shipped out of British Columbia are shipped via a freight forwarder. They are picked up from us mid October and after obtaining the necessary permits shipped. Most shipments in USA arrive in December. Permits, crating and shipping is at customers expense.

The definition of edible portions of meat – “four quarters and loins unless spoiled by the means of harvesting” and everything else we can salvage.. All meat is removed from the back country; this may involve packing it on a horse, riverboat or flying in an aircraft. Evidence of sex is required on all meat. If you prefer to take meat home that is encouraged. However this is often difficult when flying. If you are unable to take your meat you will be asked to sign a release giving us the meat and we will use it ourselves or give to our guides or donate to people in need. None is wasted. If you intend to take the meat and driving we encourage you to have a freezer in your truck. When hunting expect to commit an extra day minimum in retrieving and caring for the meat along with the cape and horns or antlers

Scoop Lake Outfitters & Northern Rockies Air Charter Ltd will arrange the round trip air charter in and out of Scoop Lake Base Camp and car rental from Whitehorse to Watson Lake. The fee charged is predicated upon the schedule dates of client’s hunts. Flights and car rentals requested by the client outside of this schedule will result in additional charges. These are small aircraft. Please try to keep your total baggage under sixty-five (65) pounds. Car rentals are based on co – sharing and any upgrades or changes will be your responsibility.

No price reductions can be made due to aircraft failing to depart to or from the hunting area on the prearranged date, due to delays caused by the hunter themselves, weather, or other uncontrollable situations. Should the client secure their game and wish to leave prior to the end of their hunt period, there is no reduction in the hunt cost; there will be an additional air charter $900.00 and car rental fee @ market value. Should the client’s flight fail to depart as to the flight schedule on return no additional charges for camp accommodations or charter will be charged due to the delay. Further, Scoop Lake Outfitters (1997) Ltd. and Northern Rockies Air Charter Ltd. is not responsible for missed commercial air flights due to any delay.

We ask that all GPS on cameras are turned off upon your arrival into Scoop Lake. This is usually found under location services. This shows the gps location of where pictures are taken and we try to preserve your harvest in confidence. If not turned off when you post such pictures on the internet the gps location is there for all to recover.

Stories and pictures are great promotional advertising for us and we appreciate it very much. However to ensure accuracy of story we request the right to preview all stories and pictures prior to submission for publishing. It is important that local names and such are kept confidential to ensure conservation of the species as we don’t want a bunch of people in there after they see your post with the gps location and name of favorite hunting spot.Hunters from outside of North America might want to consider having your trophies mounted in Canada. This alleviates some shipping concerns. We are not responsible for trophies once they have been given to the freight forwarder. Some international shipments are delayed for a variety of reason and then concerns regarding the well being of capes, hides, horns antlers etc may be an issue. All capes and hides are salted and cared for to the best of our abilities prior to shipping however once shipped may be exposed to a variety of conditions beyond our control. We are glad to recommend local taxidermists and arrange getting your trophies to them.