With how remote we are and the strict game management policies we employ, we are able to produce some of the best hunts available in the Canadian North West.

Geographically speaking, the further north you go, the larger the moose get. Once you cross the Yukon border, they are Alaska Yukon Moose. Scoop Lake Outfitters’ exclusive guide area is 2.5 million acres, located 90 air miles from the Yukon border and 80 air miles from the nearest town or road. With how remote we are and the strict game management policies we employ, we are able to produce some of the best trophies available in the Canadian North West.

Scoop Lake is a well-established hunting and fishing area that has consistently produced many record book moose. On average, we harvest one moose for every 100,000 acres. Each year many moose are Boone and Crocket. Most make the SCI book. Our moose average 50″+.

Though it’s not so much the width of their antlers as it is the palms that make a moose look massive and score well. As you will notice from the pictures here on our site, our moose have very good palms. All moose hunters hunt from warm, comfortable cabins with all the amenities. Sorry, no TV. Most of our hunts are on horse back in the mountains. We also have moose hunts from lakes where we use boats; this is more for the client who is looking for an easier hunt, or would prefer not to use a horse.



We also offer riverboat hunts. These hunts are without the aid of horses, and are ideal for boating enthusiasts and clients in fairly good shape, as you may be required to do some hiking, in the event you spot a moose some distance from the river. All these hunts are from comfortable cabins.

Canadian Moose can be hunted in combination with sheep, goat, caribou, black bear, or wolf. Our most popular combination is moose and goat. Over the past 20 years, Scoop Lake has enjoyed a 90% success rate on moose and/or goat for rifle hunters. We do cater to archery clients; however, our success rate has been significantly less, due to the fact that the archers’ success is relative to their ability.

For a first class, fair chase, Canadian Moose hunt, give us a call. You won’t be disappointed.


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