Scoop Lake Outfitters has a healthy sustainable population of stone sheep with high success rates.

Stone’s Sheep are primarily found in Northern B.C. Our exclusive guide area encompasses 2.5 million acres in the Cassiar Mountain Range. This is the area that Jack O’Connor hunted and last wrote about. This guide area has produced many record-book rams in past years. Stone’s Sheep can be very elusive; they will blend into the terrain making them difficult to spot. They will find spots to hide where it is difficult to climb, or simply disappear into the brush. These elusive and majestic animals, once viewed in their natural habitat, get the adrenaline pumping.

All Stone’s Sheep are on a quota. Scoop Lake Outfitters has successfully harvested the majority of its quota over the past ten years. With average horns of 37″ with bases of 14"-14 1/2″. Our sheep have true Stone’s Sheep colourings and you will find that our capes are quite dark. Even so, you will find a variety of colour tones. Most of our rams have their lamb tips giving them the majestic stone sheep appeal. Some rams do broom off. Our policy is to find rams over 8 1/2 years in age or full curl. This can be frustrating for the guide and hunter, especially when viewing a nice ram that’s only six or seven years old, however, the end result is larger rams for our clients and a healthier breeding population. On a typical hunt a client can anticipate seeing Sheep every day.

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Our Sheep hunts consist of one guide and one hunter and are usually assisted by a wrangler and/or a cook. Our Sheep are spread throughout our entire guide area. We have 21 different camps with cabin facilities, which we use for hunting all species. Our Sheep hunts begin from one of these cabin equipped spike camps. If a client is not successful in the early portion of the hunt, however, it may become necessary to take a tent and spike camp out further from the cabin camp.

Our guides are some of the best. Sheep hunting for the hunter and the guide becomes a passion. Our season for Sheep hunting starts August 1st and ends October 15th. Our first hunt of August is for Sheep and Wolf. The second hunt can be for Sheep, Moose, Goat, Caribou, Black Bear and Wolf. During our September hunts all species are open.


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