A day at Scoop Lake Yoga & Wellness Retreat

A beautiful experience is waiting for you in Northern BC - a yoga & wellness retreat like no other.

During your time tucked away in the most spectacular setting in Northern BC you will be taken care of every way possible.  After waking up to the quiet sounds of nature in your wood heated cabin, you can walk down to the cook house where a continental style breakfast will be ready at 7am.  This is not your usual continental breakfast. Tiffany is up at the crack of dawn baking fresh sugar free (often gluten free) muffins, or fresh bread.  She also prepares an assortment of granolas you can have along side yogurt and fresh fruit.  You can take your time leisurely enjoying your coffee and food before Yoga.


This is not your usual continental breakfast.

Tiffany is up at the crack of dawn baking fresh sugar free (often gluten free) muffins, or fresh bread.


The first Yoga practice of the day is from 8:00-9:15am in the beautiful canvas wall shala. 

The shala is situated in a pasture full of wild flowers and strawberries next to the turquoise waters of Scoop Lake.  The shala is heated by a wood stove and decorated beautifully with silks from India and an alter full of precious items brought into the space to bring good vibes all week long.  If there is any precious item you wish to bring for the alter you are welcome to place it there to receive all the positive intentions from our daily sadhanas.  The shala is equipped with blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps so you are comfortable and safe throughout our classes.  


After Yoga you have free time before lunch. 

You can choose to go for a walk, read in one of the hammocks next to the lake, take out a stand up paddle board or canoe, or head back to the cook house for another coffee and muffin (yes they are that good you may want more).

Lunch is at 12:00 and always a special treat. 

Tiffany puts her heart and soul into creating a beautiful menu for the week and lunches are always delicious and nourishing.  Everything is made from scratch and all the ingredients, come from the greenhouse on the property, or are flown in fresh for the retreat.  

After lunch there is more free time to explore, relax, or if you choose to, be taken on a guided horseback ride. 

There are often a dozen or more horses grazing around camp and happy to take you out for the afternoon.  Several trails surround camp and lead to some stunning vantage points where you can see the entire valley, creeks, or river.  Exploring the valley from horseback is the best and gives you a real feel for how remote and quiet it is that far away from civilization.  If you enjoy fishing we can also arrange for you to go out on one of the fishing boats to the “honey hole” where you will be hard pressed not to catch a pike, the record fish from the June 2019 retreat was about 13 pounds and we had the best fish and chips for dinner that evening.



There are optional Yoga workshops on two of the afternoons during the retreat.  These workshops are discussed on the first full day of the retreat so that your goals and interests are taken into consideration.  The number of guests at the retreat is low deliberately so that the retreat can be intimate and customized to each specific group.  Depending on the day and weather conditions we can choose as a group what activities we would like to do.

Dinner is at 5:00 and will not disappoint. 

We feed our hearts, souls, and bodies very well at Scoop Lake.  Dinner is describe as forest inspired gourmet food.  Dinners are all prepared from scratch and with the freshest ingredients.  If you eat meat you can be sure that all the meat is of the highest quality and most likely from the mountains surrounding camp.  There is always a specific wine paring with dinners and amazing desserts to round out your eating experience.  There is also a wood fire pizza oven and BBQ at camp so we are very fortunate to have food prepare in such unique authentic ways.

After sufficient time to digest your dinner we head back down the shala for a restorative Yoga practice.  We practice from 7:30-8:45pm giving you lots of time to enjoy the cord wood sauna after Yoga.  If you would rather sitting around the campfire to enjoy another glass of wine or cup of tea you will be able to able to watch the sun set over the trees at the end of the valley.

The fresh mountain air will have you ready for a good nights sleep in your cozy wood heated cabin and dreaming about the adventures the next day will bring.


Deepen your yoga practice and experience an unimaginable level of calmness only achieved by unplugging from the outside world and exploring the wildness of Northern BC.

Spaces are limited but STILL AVAILABLE for our August 1st retreat - visit our website and send us a message to learn more!